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Ozone Generators and Air Purifiers from Ozofresh

Ozofresh is a UK-based, forward-thinking company that endeavours to provide new and innovative ways to better our collective environment. Ozone is an incredibly fast and efficient way to cleanse the air around us with little expertise required. It has immense benefits not just logistically but also in helping to maintain a better environment for all of us.

Our ozone generators and air purifiers are completely safe. Every one of our machines meets the current criteria set by the HSE Guidelines as recorded in the EH38 document. We are fully dedicated to ensuring that all of our products are pre-installed with safety mechanisms and come with simple instructions that make it easy for customers to gain access to a safer environment

Ozone cleaning has proven to be a fast and effective way to purify the air we breathe every day. From eliminating odours to fighting bacteria we are continually finding new ways to use it to benefit us and others around us. We believe that with a proper understanding of its potential , our homes and offices will be safer than ever, with our generators a predominant factor in paving the way for cleaner air.