UVGI Vented Air Disinfection System for Ceiling Panel Integration

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Ozofresh is proud to introduce the new ceiling Vent-Air UVGI technology as part of their Infection control range. The clever design ensures that the UVGI filtration system can be quickly and easily integrated into any suspended ceiling in any setting. The system effectively is providing a number of air changes per hour by removing airborne bacteria, pathogens, thus protecting anybody within that internal setting.

The Vent air system contains a source filtration, HEPA filtration a small integral fan which draws the contaminated air from the workspace below, passing the air thought the filtration and past the UVGI light in order to treated the air before returning into the workspace. All elements of the UVGI are fully enclosed.

Its innovative and energy efficient led UVGI bulbs ensure low cost, long lasting performance. The product is fully tested to achieve up to 99.93% virus and bacterial microbial kill rate for common microbes based on UV-C dosage tables as well as independent laboratory tests carried out by Ozofresh.

Ozofresh UVGI equipment is specially designed and specified to ensure that the UV dosages are equal or greater that those required for Coronavirus treatment.

The Ultra Air UVGI technology has been specified designed to deliver a 99%+ disinfection rate in the transmission of airborne infection, including SARS Coronavirus.

The panel has two options:

• With integrated Led lighting along with the UVGI Vent-Air system
• Bank panel along with the UVGI Vent-Air system

More Information
Running time Programmable
Timed output Yes
Timer Automatic
Primary operation Switch at mains
Ozone destruct system No
Voltage 240v
Warranty 12 months
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