Information on the effectiveness of Ozone (o3) in relation to Corona (CoVid-19) virus and Ozone products.

Some clarification on the effectiveness of ozone based products in controlling or eradicating the Corona virus (covid 3)

This information release is being produced in response to questions we are being asked from the general public and our care home and hotel customers. It is our opinion on the effectiveness and suitability of ozone products as part of the defence against the current corona virus outbreak. We are aware that there is some confusion about these devices and their effectiveness and that because of this there may those who seek to take advantage of this situation or may misinform accidentally. As one of the UKs leading suppliers of Ozone products to the domestic and commercial markets we wanted to ensure that purchase and use decisions are fully informed to the best of our knowledge.

Information release – Coronavirus prevention (March 2020)

We have been contacted on numerous occasions since the Coronavirus began to spread in the UK asking if the use of Ozone based technology, such as our Fresh Air family clean air range, PlugIn and the Procleanz surface cleaning systems, would help prevent transmission of the disease.

It is important that we are very clear about the facts and potential benefits associated with the use of O3 products in scenarios involving flu virus strains.

Firstly, as far as we are aware no UK based testing has taken place on the effectiveness of O3 (ozone) in relation to the specific Coronavirus Covid-19 strain of influenza. As the UK standard is our baseline for effectiveness, unless you are seeing specific, irrefutable evidence, that any product using ozone is effective against the virus the claim may be based on it having been tested outside the UK standards or simply be stating an assumption of effectiveness based on other results.

The following is true to the best of our knowledge in relation to the effectiveness of ozone and how this applies to our products.

  • Ozone based products are known to be effective in controlling virus (such as swine flu) and this means it will likely be effective against other strains.
  • The amount and method of use must be appropriate for effective application.
  • We cannot state (for the reasons above) that our or any ozone product will be totally effective.
  • Some ozone products, such as our ProCleanz environmentally friendly surface cleaner have tested to the EN1276 standard which means they are effective against the flu virus H1N1, E-coli, Salmonella and have a 99.9% bacterial kill rate.
  • We understand several apparently legitimate sources in China and Thailand are recommending the use of ozone-generating devices such as ours to protect against the coronavirus.

Ozone products must not be relied upon to eradicate Corona Virus, however, they are known, when used correctly, to be effective against other similar pathogens.


“.. the virus destroying properties of ozone are known, tested and well documented against a range of pathogens..”

So, to distill this down to a single piece of advice we would say that the virus destroying properties of ozone are known, tested and well documented against a range of pathogens, however, it has not been tested against this particular strain so we cannot state categorically it will help, just that the evidence suggests it is likely to affect the virus.

Sadly, we also suspect that there are some products on the market that may well seek to capitalise on the current situation. Many of these products are unstable, badly constructed, produce variable levels of ozone and are not subject to UK testing standards. Therefore, we would urge a high level of caution when considering them.

As the UKs premier ozone products supplier, we are always happy to clarify the safe, effective use of our products and in these difficult times we want to ensure that you have the right information and when making the decision to purchase or use ozone as part of your cleaning and protection process, you have the right machines and are using them correctly.


We are here to help and happy to answer your questions in relation to our products.

The Ozofresh Support Team.

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