Ozone and fire & flood restoration

Flood damage

There’s about two and half million UK residents living in immediate flood risk areas. Statistically, you are more likely to get flooded than burgled.
The aftermath of flooding is devasting for homeowners, and one of the most difficult and destructive events to clean up after. Dirty water gets into every nook and cranny, creating hundreds of potential sources of damp, mould and resulting odour. This is why clean-up operations are so costly, and why it can take months before a family can move back into their home.

Ozone generators are an excellent solution to many flood related problems. Ozone will eradicate all existing bacteria and viruses from every room in an affected house. Persistent odours caused by damp will be thoroughly removed.

Our products can be used in two ways at once. Firstly, use once the house has dried out, but before cleaning has started. This prevents any further spread of mould caused by damp, and means the actual clean-up will take less time.

Secondly, use it as a finishing touch on a restoration project, securing all the efforts to make the house inhabitable again and removing any lingering odours.

An ongoing issue for asthma sufferers in houses affected by damp and flooding is the presence of mould spores, and general moist conditions. An ozone generator will remove the spores that accelerate the spread of mould from the air. The result is that residents will be able to move back into their homes much more quickly than they could have otherwise done.


Fire damage

Fire damage to a home is usually two-fold. It can take the form of blackened and burnt objects and rooms, and can also mean a blanket of smoke that permeates and damages every fibre and fabric in the building, including the walls themselves.

It’s an expensive process to replace items damaged by smoke, and redecorate rooms that weren't necessarily harmed by flames but are nevertheless ruined by smoke.

Ozone can save an immense amount of time, effort and money in the restoration of a home following these catastrophic events. A generator will produce enough ozone to completely remove all sources of odour left behind by a fire, including from furniture, curtains, clothing, carpets and wallpaper.

Upholstery in particular absorbs smoke like a sponge, and is the household item most commonly in need of replacement. Ozone will even filter through into the stuffing of armchairs and eradicate odours, meaning they will smell as good as new without you having to lift a finger.

It’s a much more effective solution than chemical fragrances and odour removers that simply mask smells without removing them. These will wear off over time and the smell of smoke will return. An ozone generator is entirely effective it only needs to do its work once.

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