Ozone and car valeting

Achieve a showroom fresh car every time you valet

Use ozone to delight your customers

When your customers book a car valet, they expect impeccable service that results in their car looking and smelling brand spanking new. In tough economic times, people expect a high level of service from a top notch valeting service.

Cars are just as prone as any other spaces to picking up unwanted odours. Whether it’s wet dog, the kids’ Happy Meal or smoke, if you are in the car valeting business you’ll know how hard it can be to deliver a fresh smelling vehicle back to your client.

We provide an ozone generator designed specifically for use in cars that will totally eliminate unwanted odours. It quickly creates enough ozone to remove the sources of smells without leaving any trace. Because it is in an enclosed space, the ozone is of high concentration, ensuring a thorough, deep clean.

It is particularly useful for fabric seats, which tend to absorb any and all odours like a sponge, and is far less invasive than scrubbing them or injecting deodorising chemicals into the seating with a syringe.

One of the ozone generator's benefits is its speed, and the unobtrusive nature of its work. Once the traditional valet process is complete, the generator can be left for half an hour in the car while the next vehicle is worked on. It doesn't need to be supervised, or watched, and switches itself off automatically. It will work away to totally eradicate odours and sanitise both hard and soft surfaces.

Combined with the air conditioning in the car acting as ventilation, it is entirely safe to use by anyone. It is the perfect finish to a thorough deep clean, and your customers are guaranteed to notice the difference.

It will also save you money on consumables such as hanging air fresheners and deodorising chemicals, as the ozone generator has zero consumables. And it will deliver a far superior result, completely removing the smell rather than just covering it up with an overpowering chemical fragrance.

Their use will give you a competitive edge over your competitors that rely on chemical pine. Ozone generators leave nothing behind except immaculate freshness.

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