Pet odours

We love our pets but not their smells

Odour control for all your pets

Our pets are very special to us. They are all unique and part of the family. They’re fun, adorable, selfless – and at times a bit smelly.

Whilst a dog is a man’s best friend, the odours they pick up are not. All animals tend to acquire smells that are unwanted within the home. The whiff of the grime your lovely Lab picks up in the park. The unmistakable ‘eau de rodent’ of mice, gerbils and hamsters. The hint of a pong from the cat’s litter tray. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your home smelling fresh without hindering your pet or your family – the Ozofresh plug in ozone generator.

How does it work?

This small, portable product can be used in multiple rooms around the home. Plug in the device and it gradually releases ozone, a naturally occurring element that cleans the air and eliminates odours with impressive speed and efficiency. Our generators come with a built-in timer that automatically limits the amount of ozone released, creating the perfect balance in your home. Uniquely, ozone destroys odours at the source – often before they are detected by our own sense of smell. So you’ll never be left wondering where an unwanted scent is coming from; it will be gone before you know about it.

Is it difficult to use?

No, it couldn’t be simpler to combat the common and unavoidable odours that pets acquire. Simply plug into the nearest electrical socket for a completely safe, natural and cheap alternative to a lifetime of chemical air freshening products. In just a short while you’ll enjoy the refreshing, purified air that it delivers.

All of our products are completely safe and adhere to independent HSE Guidelines, so there is no risk of harm to you, your family or your pets. To enjoy your pets without the smells, safely and with no effort, the Plug In ozone generator is the obvious choice.

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