Different methods of ozone production

The most effective way for cleaning purposes is using the corona discharge method. Oxygen is passed through an electrical field. This process is the catalyst for a chemical reaction, dismantling the oxygen atoms and creating ozone, a substance that attracts the particles in the air that cause odours, including bacteria and viruses. It mimics the way ozone is produced naturally during, for example, an electrical storm.

Ozone can also be produced using UV light. Contrary to popular belief, the sun actually maintains the ozone layer around the Earth. The same harmful UV light that ozone protects us from is part of the process that creates more ozone. UV ozone generators use a UV lamp that acts in the same way as the sun does. However, this process requires much more electricity to produce ozone than the Corona Discharge method and has other disadvantages.

By using the corona discharge method, we can produce small, long lived products that last for years and produce ozone of exception quality without any harmful by-products.

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