Are ozone generators and air purifiers safe?

Are Ozofresh ozone generators and air purifiers safe?

Yes, entirely safe when used correctly and in line with our operating instructions. Ozofresh generators are designed and built to specifically avoid any health risks that might be present in other machines.

Our Plug In and Aura products produce ozone at levels that are perfectly safe for constant use, whilst rooms are occupied by people, pets and plants, and have no negative side effects .

The heavy duty Eclipse range produce ozone at much higher levels, that could be harmful if used in occupied rooms. When using the Eclipse 4000 the room must first be vacated by people and animals and must be vented before it is used again, whilst the Eclipe Pro comes with our built in ozone destruct technology to automatically remove excess ozone from the air. This way, the product does the job it was designed for, and leaves a perfectly safe breathing environment to return to.

All of our generators both meet and exceed the current Health & Safety Executive Guidelines, which can be found in the official EH38 document available here. When used correctly they become invaluable in cleaning our homes and workplaces, resulting in a healthier environment for everyone.

There are various outdated and misinformed articles on the internet so please contact us if you would like any further information about the safe use of our ozone generators.

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