Air fresheners versus ozone generators

Air fresheners are used to temporarily mask the odours of everyday life. They don’t remove the smell, merely cover it up.They also need refills, costing money every time they run out.

Their artificial fragrances can irritate anyone with breathing conditions. And worse, standard air fresheners commonly contain harmful ingredients such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Ozone generators remove the source of the odour itself ensuring the odour does not return unless the source is re-introduced. There are no refills to be bought as the ozone generator does not have anything to run out of. Instead the ozone is created by our products at the push of a button. Ozone also kills bacteria and envelope viruses, something no air freshener can do.

Ozone generators are also environmentally friendly, releasing no nasty chemicals into the air during operation or at the time of disposal. As there are no refills, there is no ongoing packaging to dispose of.

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