House clearance

The toughest jobs demand hardest working solutions

Use ozone to deal with house clearance stench and filth

There’s no better solution for odour removal and sanitation in empty houses than ozone. Use it before, during and after a house clearance. It’s ideal for domestic and commercial clearance, dealing with the results of hoarders or squatters and at the end of tenancy.

By using ozone you can treat the whole area in one go. Use at the start of the process and the result is a safer and more pleasant environment for you to work in, as airborne and surface bacteria, mould spores and the resulting foul odours will be destroyed.

During clearance you can use background ozone cleaning to keep the levels of bacteria and other pollutants in the area to a minimum. Background ozone cleaning will maintain a steady flow of fresh air throughout.

When clearance and cleaning has finished, run the ozone cleaner a couple of time to ensure any stubborn odours are removed and prevented from returning.

The benefits of ozone cleaning:

  • Destroy odours and bacteria during every treatment. Ozone cleaning will ensure the destruction of any bacteria present and associated odours. Providies a safer environment before and during cleaning and eliminates remaining odours afterwards.
  • Sanitises the air and surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Ozone cleaning is totally safe and natural, and uses no chemicals. It is thorough, fast acting and dissipates quickly.
  • Safe and, more effective that other odour removal solutions, with a proven track record. Ozone cleaning is used globally, and in the UK we have the highest quality and safety guidelines . Read our testimonials to see what our customers have to say.

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