End of tenancy cleaning

“After a tenant leaves, it smells throughout of food, pet or cigarette odours. I’m left to foot the bill for new carpets, underfloor treatment, redecorating and professional cleaning.

The deposit just doesn’t cover the cost.”

Landlords picking up the bill - the facts

  • Ingrained odours are about as stubborn as they get. Particularly those in carpets or other fabrics, conventional cleaning methods may not remove the odour and it can mean a lot of hard work finding this out.
  • It’s not always an option to increase the rent or restrict potential tenants. Doing this ensures only two things in the long term; you cut yourself off from a lot of potential tenants and you become less competitive in a crowded market.
  • You may not be able to claim for cost of replacement or cleaning. It can be a lot of hassle claiming against a tenant for clean up and/or replacement costs, as you have to prove reasonable action was taken in re-mediating the problem.

What is ozone cleaning?

  • Ozone cleaning will destroy any odours and bacteria it finds. Specifically, ozone cleaning will remove cooking smells, pet smells and cigarette smells to name a few.
  • Access to more tenants and less cost in cleaning up. Ozone cleaning means you can now rent out to pet owners and smokers while also reducing the amount of work and money you have to put in to cleaning up a property after use.
  • Do you have a particularly bad odour problem? Ozofresh ozone cleaning works faster than any other method of removing odours while also killing bacteria. There are no chemicals used and no tell-tale smell of cleaning products.

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