Odour control for care homes

Ozofresh has supplied many Care Homes with ozone generators in recent years.

As Care Home Owners and Managers know, potential residents and their families are put off by unpleasant odours as they walk through the door. Your clients want to know you have good hygiene standards. You want your clientele to smell the air is fresh rather than the overpowering smell of air fresheners everywhere, suggesting that unpleasant odours are being masked.

We can help you meet your Care Quality Commission essential standards providing products which keep your care homes clean and smelling of just fresh air.

Ozofresh provides the latest ozone technology at a price you can afford, eradicating all bacterial odours, leaving your premises smelling of fresh air without the use of chemicals.

Ozone will penetrate into places that are traditionally difficult to reach (including fabrics and upholstery) and will deactivate contaminants on contact, leaving them completely sanitised.

By using Ozofresh's Ozone generators, the walls, doors and door frames, the windows, the floor, the ceiling, the contents, soft furnishings and even the air can be treated at the same time, with no additional chemicals and in a very short timescale. With traditional sanitising methods there is a risk of re-contamination as contaminates can potentially be spread around the area on cleaning cloths and implements.

This risk of re-contamination is completely negated by using ozone generators. Ozone leaves no chemical residue whatsoever. At the end of the sanitisation process, the only by-product remaining is fresh clean air.

Ozone is therefore the natural choice for any care home looking to reduce the environmental footprint, time, labour and financial requirement of their current sanitisation processes.

Ozofresh have all types of ozone generator to suit your needs, regularly used in over 2000 Care Homes in the UK, ozone is your answer to cleaner, fresher air.