Wow - how fantastic is this - I desperately needed help, My Mum had a major house fire & everything had to be cleaned / or replaced & I couldn't find a way to get her furry winter boots x 4 pairs cleaned. Ozo Fresh was suggested & it is fantastic - not even a bit of smell of smoke anymore. Thank you OzoFresh - you saved my Mums favourite boots

Linda Ariss

Thank you for introducing us to ozone cleaning.

We now use the ozone air purifiers you supplied as part of our regular cleaning program which takes place 6 times a day throughout the dementia wing of our care home. The results have been excellent, and in some cases we have saved money in not having to replace curtains and carpet due to lingering odours that we could not remove.

Since we started using ozone, our resident's family members can now smell just how much better the freshness of the air is in their relative's rooms. This Ozone cleaning solution not only makes our care home smell fresh and clean for residents, but our staff have noticed a considerable improvement in our already excellent hygiene standards. As a result we decided to buy a second ozone generator just to keep up with demands from the staff in our other homes..

Tej Sehmi, Operations Manager, Burlington Hall Care Home

Thanks for all your help, the service has been fantastic. The Eclipse 7000 worked brilliantly in removing the strong smell of dog faeces from the interior of my car, very happy!

Great product!
Recommended to eliminate doggie odours - but because it is portable, I can move around the house.
Just perfect in the kitchen, removed the smell of smoked haddock.................brilliant

Just a brief message to say thank you so much for demonstrating your wonderful machine with the problem we had at Heyhouses Court. It was greatly appreciated and so very impressive given we have been trying to eradicate the 'dog smell' problem we have had with this property over the past seven months. Despite redecoration and changing carpets we were unable to resolve the problem which made the sale of this property quite impossible.

You will be delighted to know that your machine was a wonderful success and as a result we have now managed to sell this property. Thank you so much for your assistance and should anyone ever wish a testimonial to the effectiveness of your product then please feel free to pass our number on and we will be only too delighted to speak with them.

It has been very good for rooms where guests have not adhered to the non smoking rooms, we only have to put this in for the 30 minutes and the room is fresh to let again.

I have also used this for rooms that have damp smells and it has been very effective within a short time.

Moving to the house of our dreams in February was a nightmare due to a burst pipe which flooded the whole of downstairs the house was empty as this was the week before we moved in.

We had to buy dehumidifiers to take the excess water out but was left with a damp smell which was particularly bad in the downstairs cloakroom. I have bleached the walls and bought every air freshener known to man to try and take this away. Have also spent a small fortune on candles as the cloakroom is by the front door and was aware that each time we had visitors they would smell the damp.

This has been going on since February and was becoming a constant pain as we could always smell the damp. Kevin recommended Ozone air purifiers and I was sceptical as I couldn't see how such a small machine could deal with this. I didn't want the smell masked I wanted it gone. We plugged it in and left it in the cloakroom overnight. The next morning I came downstairs to no smell of damp at all.

Truly a wonderful product.

And we can now enjoy the house of our dreams.

Thank You.

We run a pub & the Ozone air purifying equipment has solved a problem area for us - 'the gents' - the area is now odour free! We can recommend the products to all!

I smoked in the car and the smell of smoke was a constant point of arguing between my girlfriend and I. Eventually I quit smoking but the smell was still in the car even after a full valet.

I tried to cover the 'stale' smell with air fresheners until I came across a friend who put me onto Ozone air purifiers. I borrowed one and in 30 minutes my car was smoke free! The smell has not returned.

These are great - just plug them in any socket, any room and the room is refreshed and odourless, and with no cloying smell from so called air fresheners!