The Catlayst range will remove all odours in as little as 15 minutes from an area.

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    The Catalyst 5 is our latest ozone generator that delivers a level of  ozone for fast odour elmination, plus has an ozone destruct system to remove any residue ozone after a room treatment. Ideal for ALL bad odour situations. Great for hotels, care homes and all other accomadtion types. More info below. PLEASE CALL US ON 0844 248 0107 FOR PRICE...

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    The Catalyst 10 ozone generator is an essential cleaning solution for hotels, care homes, student accommodation centres, holiday parks and fire and flood recovery companies and for use in many other sectors. (price on application) We use the latest ozone technology to create the best "fresh air" results.  Call us on 0844 248 0107 to discuss all purchase...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items