Ozone and car valeting

Car valeting services usually offer several different grades of cleaning. The most expensive can include an exterior wash and polish, trim and dashboard cleaning, floor mat and interior vacuuming and even an interior polish. However, as anyone with pets (especially dogs) or a smoking habit can testify, sometimes 'clean' just doesn't do the trick. When someone says that they want their car valeted nowadays, they expect impeccable service alongside their car looking (and smelling) brand spanking new. In tough economic times, people are less willing to part with £30 or £40 for a top notch valeting service, no matter how comprehensive. Unless they have business clients, right now people are making do with vacuuming a little and holding their noses.

Before the advent of modern, inexpensive ozone generators, this demand might have been deemed a little unrealistic. The car has undergone the rigours of day-to-day life, after all. Despite being told repeatedly "do not eat anything in my new car", kids inevitably end up spilling curry soup on the back seat. Dogs don't know to stay on the towel that's been laid out, and climb on the pristine leather seats. The expectation that a car should smell like it did coming out of the factory was something of a fantasy—until now.

An ozone generator designed specifically for use in cars will quickly create enough ozone to remove the sources of odours without leaving a trace. Because it is an enclosed space, the ozone is of high concentration, ensuring a thorough, deep clean. It is particularly useful with fabric seats, which tend to absorb any and all odours like a sponge. Scrubbing at them feels futile, and often valet services are forced to actually inject deodorising chemicals into seating with a syringe. This method is just an attempt to bridge the gap—it isn't a solution. An ozone generator is. 

One of the ozone generator's many excellent qualities is its speed, and the unobtrusive nature of its work. Once the traditional valet process is complete, the generator can be left for half an hour in the car while the next car is worked on. It doesn't need to be supervised, or watched, and switches itself off automatically. Combined with the air conditioning in the car acting as ventilation, it is entirely safe to use by anyone. It is the perfect finish on an excellent deep clean, and customers are guaranteed to notice the difference. A traditional air freshener or deodorising technique will simply be no match for the freshness left by an ozone generator. This is because these fragrances and chemicals are designed to mask bad odours, not destroy them, which means they have to be stronger than the odour they are designed to "remove". That's why many people find them to be overpowering. Ozone generators leave nothing behind except immaculate freshness. Customers will want to just sit in their car all day after a clean of this quality.