House clearance

Use ozone cleaning before, during and after a house clearance. Ideal for domestic, commercial, hoarders, squatters and end of tenancy.

The ozone cleaning process

  • Treat the area with ozone before the cleaning process. Doing this means a safer, less unpleasant environment for you to work in, any airborne/ surface bacteria, mould spores or offensive odours will be destroyed.
  • During clearance you can use background ozone cleaning. With the aim of keeping the levels of bacteria and other pollutants in the area to a minimum, background ozone cleaning will maintain a steady flow of fresh air throughout.
  • Final treatments after the property has been cleared and cleaned. Due to many different factors including the severity of the odours and how long they have been in the property, it is advisable to run the ozone cleaner a couple of times after clearance. This makes sure any stubborn odours have been removed and prevented from returning.

Why use ozone cleaning?

  • Destroy odours and bacteria in every treatment. Ozone cleaning will ensure the destruction of present bacteria and any odours. Providing a safer environment before and during cleaning and an odour solution after.
  • Air and surface sanitation without the use of harsh chemicals. Sometimes the method of cleaning can be as hazardous as what you’re cleaning, this is usually due to the chemicals involved. Ozone cleaning uses no chemicals and is thorough, fast acting & dissipates quickly.
  • Safer, more effective and with a proven track record. Ozone cleaning is used globally, while more prevalent in the US, as a supplier; our UK made equipment follows more stringent guidelines than those in other countries. Read the testimonials to see what our customers have to say.

Life of grime - the reality

The “Life of Grime” programme is something which for many of us merely seems fictional but for many cleaning companies it can become a reality. This reality was faced by Building Cleaning Supervisor, Anne Chambers.

She entered a property full of bags of rubbish, rotten food and hundreds of hairspray cans; so much so that the floor was no longer visible. There were old food containers, the toilet was completely blocked, the bath was stained and full of rubbish and damp covered the walls, lifting what wallpaper could be seen.

Before cleaning the property, all the rubbish had to be cleared out. The property was so dirty that flies had moved in, causing Pest Control to have to be called first. Next came in Waste Services and Grounds Maintenance to dispose of the rubbish.Four and a half days were spent at the property by two house cleaning teams, simply to clear all the rubbish.

As you can imagine, moving the rubbish released an indescribably bad smell and it also became obvious that the flies destroyed by Pest Control the first time round, were not alone. Pest Control had to be called a second time, to destroy the second bout of flies from under the rubbish.

It was then time for the cleaners. Mark and Tina Hancock were given the unenviable task of cleaning the property. Them, along with the Building Cleaning Supervisor Anne Chambers and Building Cleaning Service Engineer Brian Richardson scrubbed and disinfected the floors, walls and ceilings. They removed mould and stains and unblocked the toilet to restore the property back to its former glory. The clean up took a total of 34 hours to leave everything gleaming.

Even after all of this cleaning, unfortunately, a pungent smell still lingered which needed to be removed. Many chemicals were used, along with strong disinfectants and an enzyme based product designed to digest and remove the source of the problem. Nothing seemed to work, the smell was still very strong, so another solution had to be sought.

The last solution to be tried was a powerful Ozone Generator. It has the ability to eradicate odours by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria that causes them, therefore killing most bacteria and viruses. This soon proved to be a huge success in removing the bad smell in the property, leaving a fresh smelling, clean home ready to be used again.

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